Furniture: poems and stories

Furniture: poems and stories, is a collections of writings by Kristopher Apple, Stephen Silke, Rachel Eve, Todd Spence, Michael Norton, and Adam Pike. It can be purchased here.

Below are live readings from, Furniture, that took place on June 4 at Reds Coffee Shop in Point Loma.

Caroling Von Variling is one of several sound poems that I wrote. These poems play the boundary of coherence and incoherence, and exploit the music and rhythm of wordplay.

Circle Poem is a simultaneous poem that takes the shape of a circle on the page. The circle is read once through by a solo voice and then repeated a second time with three additional voices beginning at different places on the circle. In order to fulfill the four voice texture in this reading, I employed a loop pedal to record and play back my own live voice.

Is It


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