Fictional Press

“collaborative dance theater LIVE is something like fluid –it moves in paths of least resistance, it is shapeless and shapeable, it is a medium –a movement and vibration transfer, things of subtlety can rest on its surface.”  –Fictional Author, Hypothetical Press

“I thought the image was out of focus, but by the end of the performance I realized I was seeing the fabric of space in front of me. It was some kind of magic!” –Fictional Author, Hypothetical Press

“A sort of anti-ensemble working in perfect disagreement. I never new I could enjoy being so confused” –Fictional Author, Hypothetical Press

“Bringing high art to the cluster fuck” –Fictional Author, Hypothetical Press

“Children in the crowd were oblivious to the dialogue, but one curious tot asked, ‘Why are they doing this?’” –Kris Eitland,

“I played violin when I was younger. I like melody…I don’t like when it sounds scratchy” –audience member, Landau, Germany.

“A sobering surreality to contrast the delirium of real life” — Fictional Author, HypotheticalPress