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Video Credits
Videographer: Huy Trinh
Dancers: Dina Apple, Kristopher Apple, Leslie Armstrong, Emily Aust, Angelica Bell, and Jaime Nixon
Musicians: Kristopher Apple, Blair Robert Nelson, and Charissa Noble


LIVE at Canvas Gallery San Diego

Live at Canvas Gallery

LIVE July 12, 7pm [buy tickets]

Founded in 2007, LIVE is an affiliation of performing artists that together practice and compose kinesthetic music and auditory dance. Throughout their history, they’ve cultivated an appetite for chaos, beauty, and transgression of genre and performance tradition. At the Canvas Gallery, LIVE’s Dina Apple, Kristopher Apple, Jess Humphrey, and Leslie Seiters will perform their newest composition, Composing my CorpoReality: the sound/movement of moving/sounding is the music/

Watch a Thursday morning practice.