Odd and Even

Odd and Even is a collaborative music and dance ensemble that began at Space 4 Art, San Diego in May of 2011. The group is Dina Apple, Emily Aust, Kristopher Apple, Katie Lorge, Lillian Elbaz, and Angelica Bell. They have performed at youTurn Contemporary Arts Exhibition, NWEAMO, UC San Diego Experimental Theater, UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, Park Gallery, Studio C Contemporary, SDSU Studio Theater, ArtLab Studios, and Space 4 Art. Former members include Leslie Armstrong, Christine Herde, Rachel Goldman, Ariana Warren, and Chris Warrenoddandeven.org
The Practice:
Odd and Even is currently practicing ensemble improvisation in performance. We meet twice a week to practice open improvisation and develop techniques and scores. We are working within and between the disciplines of dance and music, investigating our native disciplines in relationship to the other, and searching for “what else is possible?” when the two interact.
July Workshop at Space4Art:
The Workshop:
Once a month, at Space 4 Art in San Diego, we host a workshop to share our practice, as well as, provide a venue to connect with other artists. We want to share our techniques and ideas about improvisation and performance, and discover what our interactions can originate. Although we are primarily musicians and dancers we welcome artists of any discipline. 
June Workshop at Space4Art:

August 2012 Workshop:

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June 1, 2012 Performance at SDSU:

(Click here to see photos form performance)