collaborative dance theater LIVE

collaborative dance theater LIVE is Kristopher Apple, Liam Clancy, Ron Estes, Eric Geiger, Jess Humphrey, Mary Reich, Karen Schaffman, Leslie Seiters, Anya Cloud, and Dina Apple. Former members include Allyson Green and Yolande Snaith.

We meet every Thursday morning at Stage 7 School of Dance in North Park, San Diego, California. The group is made up of artists with decades of experience in contemporary dance, theater, contact improvisation, visual art and music. We have made 16 performances in San Diego, Los Angeles, Tijuana, and Landau, Germany.

It is like…

wandering through a realm of daydream

where words end to describe and sensations make coherent



unplanned rigorously practiced


A sort of “anti-ensemble” that “fully collaborates” and “refuses to obey.”

Link to LIVE website.

Two photos above by Tim Richards